Steel Melting Oxidized Metallurgical flux work when during melting period flux add after scrap, sponge, slag quickly improved to Metallic less chemistry so slag becomes bouncy and lights and for the same
this time melting power K.W. Rating full and heal first.

  • This product is new and very very fasted growing for steel plant and all slag metallurgy, so our flax work, gases remove quickly and slag
    magnatic transfer to liquid metal, refined and liquid metal fluidity improved.


    l. Ladle Life improved – Our Flax work in ladle
    a) Metal killed and not reaction to other element so metal temperature stable and life improved.

    II. Liquid metal fluidity management

    a) Gas less liquid metal totally ready to casting for operation in CCM, BCM & slab caster. After adding my flux.


    I. Liquid metal convert to solidifications in CCM structural molecule balanced and gas blow out in several percentage
    Il. Steel’s Gas Metallurgy improved after use my flux
    IlI. Billet, Bloom and slab quality improved only on metallurgical basis.

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