Mastery of slag design in secondary metallurgy is crucial to performance in steelmaking. It guarantees the quality and cleanliness of the steel and the consistency of its performance. Thanks to it its special physical and chemical properties, calcium aluminate flux achieves rapid formation of slag and efficient steel refining in secondary metallurgy, in the continuous casting tundish, and in foundries.

  • Desulfurization or desulphurisation is a chemical process for the removal of sulfur from a material. This involves either the removal of sulfur from a molecule (e.g. A=S → A:) or the removal of sulfur compounds from a mixture such as oil refinery streams.

  • These processes are of great industrial and environmental importance as they provide the bulk of sulfur used in industry (Claus process and Contact process), sulfur-free compounds that could otherwise not be used in a great number of catalytic processes, and also reduce the release of harmful sulfur compounds into the environment, particularly sulfur dioxide (SO2) which leads to acid rain.

  • Processes used for desulfurization include hydrodesulfurization, SNOX process and the wet sulfuric acid process (WSA process).

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