Fused Flux Grade-TPD-50

A Fused Acid flux for Panel Welding

Smooth, shining & well-shaped seams; easy slag removal even from root passes. Suitable for high-speed, high-quality welds in thin gauge steel but also gives excellent results on heavier sections requiring up to 1100 amperes welding current. It is particularly satisfactory on surfaces that have been ineffectively cleaned and which have excessive amounts of mill scale, dirt & rust. It is also particularly suitable for fillet welding. Produces excellent X-Ray quality welds. It is recommended for Panel Welding Fabrication, High & Low Tensile Structural Steel, Ship Building Applications, etc.

Welding Parameters

Basicity Index – 1.30

Packaging – 25 kg & 50 kg

Storage & drying condition – One year if stored in a dry place. In humid condition to be dried at 150*C for an hour before use.

Current-Voltage – Up to 800 amps 28 – 36 V

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