Fused Flux Grade-TPD-80

(Calcium Silicate based)

Good surface finish with uniform, well shaped Beads easy slag removal. Produces excellent X-Ray quality welds.
Recommended for use in pressure vessel fabrication, nuclear companies, high tensile structural steel, and shipbuilding applications and is used in preference to other grades for multipass welding since it limits the silicon and magnese content of the weld metal. The steel must be thoroughly cleaned of rust and mill scale. It is used in combination with plain carbon and certain low allow wires to give high-quality low hydrogen welds.

Welding Parameters

Basicity Index – 1.25

Packaging – 25 kg & 50 kg

Storage & drying condition – One year if stored in a dry place. In humid condition to be dried at 150*C for an hour before use.

Current-Voltage – Up to 800 amps 28 – 36 V

Travel Speed – up to 800mm / minute

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