The use of reactive MgO has become established as an excellent solution for minimizing the attack on the refractory material by aggressive slags, and to obtain an optimum degree of saturation range in the slag. For this purpose, and as specialists for refractory products and process materials, We have developed the special product REPROMAT.

    • The advantage of using steel slag is that it is an inert product, hence attracts no impurities, thus it doesn’t contain hazardous substances.
    • The use of steel slag in a way avoids deforestation and the undue quarrying of the nonrenewable resources as when you will use this innate product for the construction purposes then it is obvious you will not need to cut trees for wood.
    • The use of steel slag is also used in the manufacturing of roads.  And the use of slag increases skid resistance hence makes driving safer. So the use of steel slag can address the poor infrastructure problem of India.
    • In terms of durability and longevity, the steel slag conditioner is a highly efficient product thus can be used as rail ballast. It helps saving maintenance costs.
    • Moreover, it can be also used as a soil neutralizer for the soils which are highly acidic in nature. The soils in Eastern India have been found of acidic nature.
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